CLASSIC 30min/150zł   60min/250zł   90min /300zł

It relieves muscle tension and relaxes your body. It improves blood circulation and metabolism.


RELAXING 60min/250zł   90min/300zł

It eliminates mental and physical tension. Brings harmony to your body and better sleep.


SPORTS 30min/170zł   60min/270zł  

It reduces the fatigue of body after a physical activity.


BACK, NECK AND SHOULDER 30min/150zł 60min/250zł  

It is recommended for people complaining of back and neck pain, or people who spend a long time in a sitting position.


LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE 30min/150zł   60min/250zł

It improves blood circulation and lymph flow. It is recommended for swellings or to reduce cellulite.


AROMATHERAPY 60min/250zł   90min/300zł  

It is a combination of a massage and the usage of essential oils from natural plants.



Nourishing and relaxing whole body massage with warm Shea butter.


FACIAL 30min/100zł

It removes visible signs of stress and negative emotions. It nourishes also the skin and gives a nice color.


FEET 20min/100zł

It brings a relief to tired legs and soothes the mind and a whole body.